Workers at the Halifax Harbour Bridges and the Halifax Regional Police ratified a new collective agreement

Congratulations to our Commissionaires Nova Scotia members at the Halifax Harbour Bridges and the Halifax Regional Police! On October 6, 2022, they successfully ratified a new collective agreement.

The new contract expires on March 31, 2024, and contains substantial economic increases, improvements to personal time off and carry over, recognition and pay increases for various holidays, improvements to language supporting union management relationships, and commitments for joint union management education.

The bargaining team would like to thank all the members for their tremendous support and solidarity during this round of bargaining.

“I am so pleased that the bargaining team was able to achieve these improvements for our members at CNS, especially after the first agreement was not something our members wanted. They mobilized and got back to the table. We are happy that this round the employer came with a different attitude, and they took our mobilization efforts seriously. Mobilization works! Congratulations, and thank you to the team and members!” – Colleen Coffey, Regional Executive Vice President PSAC Atlantic

We are looking forward to achieving similar gains for all our commissionaires in the Atlantic region. These workers are skilled veterans and deserve fair collective agreements.