We are all affected profile: Merv Wiseman on marine safety

“When we discuss cuts to the Search & Rescue services, we are not as much talking about jobs as we are about public safety for Newfoundlanders & Labradorians. The fishing industry is flagged as the most dangerous industry anywhere in the world. We are a maritime community and we are primarily defined by our status as a maritime community. Not having these services available means that we are left vulnerable. Like no other place in Canada we need these safety nets around us for when things go wrong at sea. There is no evidence to indicate that protecting our people can be done out of one centre. Not only is Newfoundland and Labrador ingrained in the fishery, but the growth of our oil industry, ever increasing tourism in luxury liners and other sea attractions as well as large ferry operations that are trafficking people to and from the province call for new challenges in ensuring safety in this province. We cannot reduce our capacity to respond to these challenges without suffering the consequence of casualties and fatalities.”

Merv Wiseman, North Harbour, NL
Retired Rescue Coordinator with Marine Search & Rescue