We are All Affected Lobby – Summerside, PEI

Approximatley 50 PSAC members and friends gathered in front of Gail Shea’s Consistuency office to send a strong messae of how Islanders are all affected.  PSAC Provincial Directors Dawn Hardy and Jody laPierre opened the event with updates of job losses and services that will no longer be provided on PEI.

 Lori MacKay, CUPE Preisent and Vice-President of of PEI Federation of Labour, spoke on Employment Insurance and the effects of the recent changes.  She also spoke on the upcoming campaign on EI and asked for our support.

 Mary Boyd spoke of CITA and the cuts to Development and Peace which have negative affects internationally.

 Donna MacDonald, CEIU Regional Vice-President; Ross Tanner, CEIU Local President; and Vaughan Davies, Parks Local Executive Member, all provided information on how Government cuts hurt us all.

 MP Sean Casey, spoke on the cuts and added information on the lack of face to face service for immigrants. 

Summerside Mayor, Basil Stewart, gave his support and expressed concern for the long term affects.