Translations of Report Of The Education Committee To The Atlantic Council, February 2013

Present: André Beaulieu, Angela Decker, Shanny Doucet, Jody LaPierre, Sue Anne Sullivan, Lori Walton.

Regrets: Jim Hondas
Staff: Brian Oldford, Acting Regional Education Officer
Sister Baldwin reported that National Board of Directors believes that an aggressive campaign against a forthcoming bill 377 which would end the Rand formula. The NBoD believes that the first priority for the coming year is to engage union activists and members in a struggle against this threat to the ablity to bargain and to the unions’ very existence. Sister Baldwin asked the Committee to consider this in education planning and particularly in the timing of Atlantic School.
Brother LaPierre asked what Sister Baldwin what she felt the plan might be. Sister Baldwin suggested that the Atlantic School be postponed until either 2014 or 2015. She also said that the Union needs to show workers what they receive as members of the Union and the dangers of attacks by the Harper Government on union rights. Sister Decker asked, if we decide to move ahead and focus on campaign, will that affect other courses. Sister Baldwin said no, or at least not directly, though may in terms of human resources. Sister Decker pointed to the links between education and engagement. Sister Baldwin said that the Women’s conference can’t be changed, that the national Health and Safety conference has also booked and many members have shown interest in that; the Rand campaign will be a part of those. Brother LaPierre asked if the strike at Saint Francis Xavier University could have an affect on educational activities that would take place there (including Atlantic School). Sister Baldwin said that it would, if the strike is on, education and other activities won’t take place there.
Sister Walton said that if Atlantic School takes place that she has no problem with changing the date of the school. Sister Decker said that if District Schools, Unions Work for Women, and no resources from education were lost, she was fine with changing the date of the Atlantic School.
Brother Beaulieu pointed out that no decision has been made, and that the Committee will make the final decision on the Education Plan. Sister Baldwin said that we do need the Advanced Duty to Accommodate Courses and that they could be done on a district basis. Sister Doucet said that we need an Advanced Duty to Accommodate Course in French, and that the plan was tied to getting that, and that needs to be guaranteed.
She also stated that there needs to be French option if English full. Sister Sullivan said that she was fine with moving the date of the Atlantic School but would prefer 2014 to 2015 because of risk of money running out. Sister Decker asked would the moved single school still be the extended school previously envisaged. Brother Beaulieu said that it would be. Brother LaPierre said that there is usually money remaining in the last year of the cycle. Sisters Doucet and Walton pointed out that 2015 will be an election year. Brother LaPierre said that he was fine with district schools for the fall of this year and Atlantic School in 2014 or 2015. Brother Beaulieu suggested that Unions Work for Women take place in conjunction with Atlantic School. Sister Walton argued against this because would limit options for men at that School.
Sister Sullivan argued that, if Advanced Duty to Accommodate is added this year then mental health courses need adding too. Sister Doucet asked if Union Works for Women be added onto the Women’s Conference.
Sister Decker asked why was costing of Unions work for Women was done for one course. Brother Oldford said because it was requested by Sister Baldwin.
Sister Walton move Sister Sullivan seconded that we accept the minutes from the Education Conference, passed.
Brother LaPierre wants minutes changed to show that he is strongly for Mental Health as one of the main issues.
Brother LaPierre suggested that District Schools be scheduled for this fall and Atlantic School for 2015. All agreed with this.
Sister Doucet asked for costing of Unions Work for Women if it was combined with the Women’s Conference.
Brother LaPierre said that he was fine with how mental health has being set as a priority.
All reported that no recommendations have yet been produced by the committees to deal with some outstanding issues established at the Education Conference in January.
1) The committee recommends that district schools be scheduled for the fall of 2013 and the Atlantic School be postponed until 2015.
2) The committee recommends that the $25 per diem for weekend education sessions be raised to a $50 per diem.
3) The committee recommends that an Advanced Duty to Accommodate course continue to be scheduled this spring in both official languages available to all provinces.
4) The committee recommends that all applications for courses that are given in both official langauges have a box indicating that the applicant is willing to take the course in the other language if their first preference is filled.
5) The committee recommends that prior to course cancellation, that all directors and local officers be informed of the possible cancellation so that they may recruit additional participants to that course.
6) The committee recommends that PEI offer the basic duty to accommodate in a timely fashion in order that members from PEI are able to take the Advanced Duty to Accommodate.
7) The Committee directs the council to note the previous recommendation of the Committee that the rating criteria for selection process for conferences, events and training be provided to the Education Committee at the same time as the application process goes to the members.
8) The Committee recommends that an appropriate Director be consulted in the selection process for conferences, events and training in a timely fashion and on a regional basis.
9) Womens at work Course be added on to the Women’s Conference in 2013.
We need to think about a course be developed for those involved in Union Management Committees and Occupational Safety & Health and similar work.
Meeting was adjourned at 5 pm.
Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the committee,
André Beaulieu