The Joint Learning Program unveil its new identity

The Joint Learning Program unveil its new identity

The Joint Learning Program (JLP), the leading joint learning program in the federal public service founded in 2001, is proud to unveil its new identity consisting of a new logo and a new tagline.

The new identity clearly express the refreshing and unique experience offered by the JLP to build a healthier, more productive workplace.

The JLP proposes a modified logo intended to convey:

A Recognition of the past JLP’s former identity relied heavily on the symbolism of the tree and seed. The updated identity acknowledges this by maintaining the tree imagery but realized in a different way. The “burnt orange” color is also an update on the predominantly orange coloring of the former identity.

Sophistication – Both the clean lines of the graphic and the font are intended to be reflective the professionalism and sophistication of the Program, its participants and partners.

Iconic – The tree graphic is intended to be iconic and quickly recognizable.

Partnership – The logo consists of an abstracted tree consisting of circles and lines all arranged in a way that symbolizes the “coming together” of all of the groups involved in the program. It also symbolizes how each part effects the whole.

“Learning and Growing Together” is the tagline that has been developed for JLP. The tagline is a short phrase that captures the Program’s goals and objectives.

The new visual identity is coming into force today and is already appearing on a series of new publication and the website. It will be used in any new material or in support of any new activity in the upcoming months.

The JLP is mandated to improve workplace relationships and deepen understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities of the union and the employer in the workplace. The program offers seven different workshops, each of which has been designed to achieve the goals of the JLP. Each workshop is led by trained volunteer facilitators.

To become a facilitator, organize a session in your workplace or to find out about other Joint Learning Program activities, please visit the website at or call 613-560-2595.