The Highlands Links belongs to all Canadians

The Highlands Links golf course is a national treasure.  Canadians are against the government’s plan to privatize the federally owned Highlands Links golf course.

The Highlands Links golf course is a national treasure that we collectively own as Canadians. Under the care of Parks Canada, this golf course has been dedicated to ecological integrity, provided valuable jobs for members of the local community and offered an affordable option for newcomers to the sport.  It has also put Cape Breton on the map as a destination of choice in the international golfing community.

We feel strongly that privatization will put the Highlands Links in the hands of those who will value profit over ecological standards, decent wages for hard working Canadians and affordable options Canadian families.  

We call on the government to put the funding and management in place to keep this course in the public domain for future golfers and future public sector workers. 

September 12 – Article in the Chronicle Herald ‘Feds try again to find Highland Links, Keltic Lodge operator’


Keep it public.

Keep it accessible.

Keep it Canadian.