Statement: International Women’s Day

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Although we need to celebrate the many achievements made towards equality, there remains a lot of work.  To this day, women are being denied equal pay for equal work and they are subject to discrimination and threats when they hold positions of power.  We can look in our own country where Alberta Premier Rachel Notley faces threats on a regular basis – because she’s a woman.

Regardless of political affiliation, religious belief or even sexual orientation, women should be treated equally, period!

Take action

The struggle for equality is far from over. The implementation of a universal child care system is one of the essential conditions for ensuring full equality for women. PSAC, along with the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada and others, is pushing the federal government to take leadership and build a quality, affordable child care system that all families can access wherever they live.

On March 8, honour International Women’s Day by:

•             Sending a message to your MP to demand a national framework on child care.

•             Sharing our International Women’s Day meme on your social media and encourage your friends to send a message to their MP.

Please take part in events in your local communities highlighting this year’s International Women’s Day.  We owe it to ourselves, our daughters and the next generation.