Spotlight on UTE Local 80004

The Union of Taxation Employees Local 80004 is comprised of just over 100 members.  This Local is located in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and are employed with the Canada Revenue Agency.  They work in the field of collections, compliance and audit. 

Unions have a long standing history in Cape Breton.  Immigrant workers came to Sydney to work in the coal mines and in the steel industry.  Union activism and community solidarity is in the blood of every Cape Breton worker.  The main advantage of being a union member is to protect the collective rights of all people.  Some of those rights include health and safety, wages, benefits, job security, equity and the ability to work in a harassment free environment.  The Local has actively participated in all forms of Union education. The Local played an active role in supporting the community and their PSAC sisters and brothers in their successful fight to reopen the Sydney Veterans Affairs Office.

The Local is particularly proud of the mobilization efforts accomplished during the last round of collective bargaining.  The Local was engaged during the progress as they proudly displayed their UTE t-shirts every Wednesday, marched in rallies, participated in strike training and built coalition partnerships with other Unions and the community.  The Union of Taxation Employees have recently commenced bargaining and the membership of UTE Local 80004 are ready!  We support our bargaining team and stand in solidarity with our other brothers and sisters!