Spotlight on PSAC Local 80510 – Eskasoni Teachers’ Union

The Eskasoni Teachers’ Union (PSAC Local 80510) is made up of over 100 teachers and teacher’s aides serving the Mi’kmaq community of Eskasoni. The membership is comprised of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members, who work as educators in four different schools. They are a relatively young local, achieving their first collective agreement in 2010. Since then, they have established themselves as a fixture within the community of Eskasoni, sponsoring sports teams, cultural events, and annual bursaries. They have made financial donations to various charitable causes within the community. Each December, they celebrate Union Awareness and Appreciation Week with prize draws, treats, lunches, and tea and coffee for both union and non-union staff in our workplaces. They have worked hard to establish a good relationship with their employer and have seen noticeable improvements in both salaries and overall working conditions since they began their journey.

”We are proud members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada because of the tremendous support we have received and continue to receive from our regional representatives. We also believe strongly in PSAC’s social justice campaigns, particularly when it comes to Canada’s Indigenous peoples. We continue to move forward, building on our successes toward a better future.” -Chris Gallant, Treasurer