School Business Employees’ Union ratify a new collective agreement with the province of New Brunswick

PSAC Local 60702 School Business Employees’ Union (SBEU) members working for the Province of New Brunswick will see wage increases and better overtime compensation since ratifying a new collective agreement last night.

“Congratulations to the members of local 60702 – The School Business Employees’ Union. This local mobilized their members, and it shows! Throughout the bargaining process they continued to push the provincial government to break its mandate and gain public support. It was not easy work, and the advances in this agreement are well deserved!” 

Chris Di Liberatore, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC Atlantic

The new five-year contract increases wages by an average of 13.9 per cent. Members of this bargaining unit will receive overtime pay at time and a half for all hours worked beyond their regular work hours. There will be no layoffs as a result of contracting out by the provincial government. Bereavement leave is improved in the contract, as well as new medical leave and new domestic violence leave.

“This is a big win for our small but powerful group. My biggest wish is for all members to realize that our solidarity throughout this process, whether sitting at the conciliation hearing, legislature, joining a peaceful protest, or talking to your MLA and local government paid off.”

Michael White, President of SBEU.

SBEU represents over 350 members working in transportation, facilities, budget and accounting, IT and community outreach, and student support programs in schools throughout New Brunswick.