Report of the PSAC Atlantic Council Political Action Committee, February 2013

Present:  Chris Di Liberatore, Robert Lewis, Dawn Hardy, Melissa Hyde
Regrets:   Dana Bailey
PSAC:  Lesley Thompson, Communications Officer

1.  Review of report from the October 2012 meeting
We reviewed our report from the October 2012 that will be presented at the February 8, 2013 meeting.
2.  Review of the 2012 Budget
We reviewed the 2012 Budget comparing the amount budgeted and the actual amount spent.  Spending was consistent with what was disbursed in prior years.  It was noted that some the funds that were budgeted for Healthcare coalitions, Tommy Sexton AIDS awareness and NB Common Front for Social Justice, Council of Canadians, and the Pay Equity Coalition of NB did not provide us with a request for funding in 2012.  
3.  2013 Budget
We reviewed the 2013 proposed budget and provided some suggestions to change the wording for various categories for clarity.  We observed a trend that fundraising dinners seem to be popular and we have increased the line item for this event.
4.  Budget Watch
We suggest that all council members participate in budget watch activities that will be planned in conjunction with the regional offices.  Council members need to be prepared to be a spokesperson the PSAC communication officer will be providing speaking notes for the event.
5.  We Are All Affected
We discussed the CLC Political Action Conference which will take place in Toronto from March 22-24, 2013.  Our region has two fully funded seats that have been allotted to the PSAC Area Council Presidents in Halifax (Chris DiLiberatore) and Newfoundland and Labrador (Maggie Ryan).  André Beaulieu will be attending as well as the CLC representative for young workers.  
6.  Federations of Labour
We discussed that the Atlantic Council Political Action Committee Report and the REVP’s report should be shared with the PSAC representatives who occupy seats on the Federation of Labour so that they are aware of the activities in the region.  This will ensure that our representatives are connected with the Federation of Labour.
7.  Breaking the Silence
Our committee will participate in the selection process for the upcoming Breaking the Silence tour as we did last year.  The 2013 tour will take place in the fall and we have funding for one PSAC member.  A call letter will be issued to the region and the deadline to apply is May 2013.
Respectfully submitted in solidarity,
Dawn Hardy, Chairperson and Chris Di Liberatore, Co-Chairperson