Report of the Provincial Director for Prince Edward Island, Jody LaPierre, October 2013 – January 2014

I have been quite busy, as our Department (VAC) has just gone through

massive cuts, with 232 jobs in my own office and a total of 802 for

the Department.


I maintain my position as President of UVAE local 90001, VP of the PEI Area Council, Treasurer of the PEI Human Rights Committee, Member of the PEI Federation of Labour H&S committee and Alternate PSAC Rep. for the PEI Federation of Labour.


Below is a list of activities I have been involved in since my last report:


  • Attended all Charlottetown Area Council Meetings
  • Attended all Charlottetown Human Rights meetings
  • Met with MP Peter Stoffer re: Veteran Affairs Office closures
  • Met with Provincial NDP leader Mike Redmond
  • Met with MP Sean Casey several times
  • Met with MP”s, Senators, Mayor
  • Have done several TV and News Paper interviews
  • PSAC representative on the Government of Canada workplace charitable


  • Member/Chair of the VAC Health and Safety Committee
  • Attended a CLC Together Fairness Works one day workshop
  • Helped organize our PSAC National campaign on Veterans Cuts
  • CBC radio interview on the PSAC event in Ottawa to keep the

      Veteran Affairs District offices open

  • Spoke at a town hall meeting with Jeannie Baldwin on Veterans Cuts
  • Attended PSAC H&S conference in Halifax
  • December 6th Vigil
  • Attended Provincial Rally/March for Pension in Charlottetown
  • Interview with CBC television on Veterans Cuts
  • Prepared a 4 page information sheet on the Veterans Affairs cuts and sent

            it to the Mayor, MP’s MLA’s City Councillors etc, which resulted in

            the NDP doing a rally at the Charlottetown Legion on January 10th with

            guest speaker Peter Stoffer (got great media coverage), with other

            rallies and meetings also schedule in the future as a result of this

            same document.



Respectively Submitted,


Jody LaPierre

PSAC Provincial Director, PE