Report of the Provincial Director for Prince Edward Island, Jody LaPierre, February 2013 – September 2013

I have been quite busy, as our Department (VAC) has just gone through massive cuts, with 232 jobs in my own office alone, and a total of 802 for my Department.


My union roles are as follows: President of UVAE local 90001, VP of the PEI Area Council, Treasurer of the PEI Human Rights Committee. I became an active member of the newly formed PEI Federation of Labour H&S committee, alternate PSAC rep. for the PEI Federation of Labour, PSAC representative on the Government of Canada workplace charitable campaign and member/chair of the VAC Health and Safety Committee


Below is a list of events attended during the period of February – September 2013:

Attended all PE Area Council meetings.

Attended all PE Human Rights meetings.

Attended the 2013 PSAC budget watch in Charlottetown.

Attended EI rally at Province House in April.

Attended the PSAC Leadership meeting in April.

Attended the UVAE President’s Conference in April.

Attended the May Day Rally at Province House in May.

Attended the two day Workplace Health and Safety Committee and representative training in May.

Organized a Food drive Campaign on behalf of the PSAC “We Are All Affected” Campaign which had good media coverage (Photo in Paper, and TV coverage)

Laid a wreath for PSAC at the Day of Mourning ceremony

Met with MP Sean Casey several times.

Met with MP’s, Senators and Mayor.

Have done several TV and News Paper interviews.


In Solidarity,


Jody LaPierre

PSAC Provincial Director

Prince Edward Island