Report of the Provincial Director for Nova Scotia, Lori Walton, February 2012-September 2012

It is a busy time to be a Union Activist.  Since my last report our members have had their first taste of the Conservative Austerity Budget and are beginning to feel the affects.

February– Attended several Work Force Adjustment Information Sessions put on by the PSAC as well as my employer.

March– National Day of Action I was PSAC media spokesperson for the event held in Halifax on March 1st.  March 29th. I attended the Halifax Budget Watch with my fellow activists and spoke on behalf of the PSAC.

April – On a high point, April 2nd I travelled to Miramichi on behalf of my component to participate in the New Employee Orientation for the Compensation Centre.  Brother Charron, A/REVP NCRand I had 2 hours to present not only on our component but on the PSAC and what being unionized means.   In April I assisted the PSAC Reps with selection of NS Delegates to Atlantic School.  April also saw devastating low points, April 11th; thousands of PSAC members were given their affected letters as a direct result from the Harpers Budget.  Within my component a whole worksite, the Dartmouth Print Production Centre was told they would be closing down; all of my members there were affected.  At this point my focus shifted to where I was most needed, within my component.  Since April 11th, I have been spending once a week on site with our members and attend numerous meetings, conference calls on behalf of our members since then.

May– attended the PSAC National Triennial Convention as a delegate for my component.  This was the first PSAC National Convention I attended and it was quite exciting and informative.

June – Other than supporting my affected members I attended my components Equity Committee meeting (of which I am a member).  Brother Larry Rousseau and Sister Miriam Abou-Dib presented on the new structure of the National Human Rights Committee. After seeing this presentation and getting a better understanding of how this will work, I feel confident that the Regions will have a stronger voice and presence at this table.

July– in July over ¾ of the affected members in Dartmouth were given notice that they were not being offered Reasonable Job Offers and are now considered opting employees.

August– in August I managed to take a little vacation, however I received calls from the employer advising the final members at Dartmouth Print Production Centre were given notice that they are now opting employees.  Also in August I attended and participated in Component meetings in Quebec City.  Sister Robyn Benson addressed attendees and there was a PSAC Quebec Region Rally with the banner Stephen Harper nous Detest being flown across the sky.

September– September I attended the Labour Day BBQ – unfortunately I was not able to participate in the Parade however I did “woman” the PSAC Booth and talk with a lot of members of the public on our We are ALLAffected Campaign.  I also participated in a September 15th planning meeting for the We are ALLAffected Campaign.

There were several teleconferences of the Atlantic Council over this time period, some I was able to participate in, some I was not.  As you all have seen these are busy times to be a Leader in the Union Movement.  There is a lot to do, and a lot still to be done.  We must be vocal, be visible, We are ALLAffected, let’s tell them why.

In Solidarity and Respectfully Submitted,

Lori Walton, PSAC Atlantic Director (NS)