Report of the Provincial Director for New Brunswick, Darlene Bembridge, July 2011 – January 2012

Let me start by thanking you for electing me to represent you as your NB Director in June 2011 for a 3 year term.  I knew when I ran for election that the next few years were going to be a challenge with the majority Harper government and his cut, cut, cut mentality and more importantly Harper’s lack of respect for the Public Service and the support we as Public Servants  provide to the average Canadian. 

The cuts started before convention and have continued. We are waiting for another axe to fall when the next budget hit in Feb or March (whenever the government is done sharpening their pencils).  No one is safe, if you are an average Canadian planning to draw a pension you may have to wait until you are 67 instead of 65.  Pensions are on the chopping block and Catherine Swift of Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is working hard to make sure the Public Service pensions are first to be chopped.  Severance is gone already for a portion of the Public Service and the rest of the Public service is waiting for it to hit their Collective Agreement. 

We have to continue with the fight… I wear my sticker, please wear your stickers, “Don’t cut me, I deliver Public Services” or “Hands off my Pension”.  Wear your button that says “Harper hates me”…have people asked you what it means!  Talk to your MP, send them a letter, and make an appointment to talk to them personally. Tell them that you matter and you deliver quality public services.  Support the “Third choice” campaign, go onto the website and share the information with a friend.  We have to get through to Harper, that the choice he is making is not good for Canadians as a whole.  Each little thing we do can make a difference, we have to get our message out. 

I attended a demonstration when the terms were cut at the Superannuation center in Shediac, the Tony Clement petitions were signed and if Harper watched the news he would know that people were not happy with the cuts. 

The political side was discussed at the Steward forum held in Saint Johnthat I had the privilege of attending.  We have dedicated activists who work in fighting Harper, work to get the message out about CFIB and their disdain for the Public service and they say they speak for small businesses.  Small businesses don’t think the same way when they start losing business.    

We have to be working collectively on the political fight, we can make a difference.  I will work with you to fight Harper.  Call on me if you are working on a campaign or need me to attend an event.  If I am not available I will find someone who can help out or will speak on behalf of Council.  Let’s Stop Harper!

In solidarity,

Darlene Bembridge