Report of the Provincial Director for New Brunswick, Darlene Bembridge, February 2013

My last report was submitted in early September at which time we were still reeling from the cuts to the Public Service and the impacts on people. Thousands of PSAC members have received affected letters; it was hard keeping track of who was hit and exactly how many jobs were lost, how many programs disappeared and how these cuts would impact the average Canadian. We still don’t know all the answers but things have settled a bit. Some people have been placed through Work Force Adjustment process (WFA) and special thanks to the dedicated Union executives working within the process to make sure the member’s rights were protected.

The PSAC has been building on the “We are all Affected” campaign and whether you received an Affected letter or not, the cuts to the Public Service impacts everyone find out what you can do to help within this campaign. The PSAC held a National Day of Action on September 15th, many areas across this country held picnics, information sessions to kick off this campaign. I was lucky to attend the “We are all Affected” picnic in Saint John, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet members and share information with the public.

There are lots of campaigns on the go where you can participate from the comfort of your own home through Social Media. “Like and Share” things on Facebook, sign the petitions that are circulating, Tweet about them…these types of actions share the information and it is an excellent way to show your support.

Please remember I am more than willing to talk or just attend a meeting for your Local. Send me an email or give me a call, all my information is available on the PSAC Atlantic Website. Also please join the PSAC Atlantic Facebook page and be kept abreast of all the latest news and the happenings around the Atlantic. We are in the planning stages for the next PSAC Atlantic Convention to be held in 2014.

Let’s all work together…Let’s Stop Harper!

In solidarity
Darlene Bembridge