Report of the Provincial Director for New Brunswick, Darlene Bembridge, February 2012 – September 2012

I read my last report when I was preparing to write this one and I must say what I stated in my last report still stands, the one big change is a lot of the cuts have been announced.  Thousands of PSAC members have received affected letters and many are slated to lose their jobs.  It has been a roller coaster ride of CUTS.  It was hard keeping track of who was hit, how many jobs were lost and are there more coming?  It has slowed down for the time being but with the fall approaching I expect another wave to be announced, at least for some departments and/or agencies.  

The PSAC has taken on the campaign of “We are all Affected” and whether you received an Affected letter or not, the cuts to the Public Service impacts everyone…from the member waiting to hear if they have a job tomorrow, to children feeling their parents stress, to the grocery store where you might have spent the extra $20 on some treats but chose not to or to do some long term planning and go into a mortgage with this uncertainty. 

We have to continue with the fight in little ways like signing the affected letters to the conservative MPs, attend the functions planned around September 15th, wear your Stephen Harper hates me pin on your jacket – which is amazing the positive comments you receive.  Talk to your MP, send them a letter, and make an appointment to talk to them personall, tell them that you matter and you deliver quality public services.  Each little thing we do can make a difference, we have to get our message out. 

I have attended every function I was invited to and I am more than willing to talk or attend a meeting for your Local  to pop in and say hi.  Send me an email or give me a call, all my information is available on the PSAC Atlantic Website. 

Join the PSAC Atlantic Facebook page and be kept abreast of all the latest news and the happenings around the Atlantic. 

We have to be working collectively on the political fight, we can make a difference.  I will work with you to fight Harper.  Let’s Stop Harper!    

In solidarity,

Darlene Bembridge