Report of the Nova Scotia Provincial Director, Lori Walton, October 2013 – January 2014

Since my last report things have been a little slow.  Holiday season and members on vacation, I have only had the opportunity to do online actions and participate in teleconferences.
The Atlantic Council Education Committee met via teleconference to review and verify changes made to the 3 year education plan prior to putting forward to Atlantic Council as a whole for approval.  Committee members went through the draft document along with our original proposed document that was born from our strategy meetings last January (2013).  We ensured all was captured from our planning meeting on this final draft document, that all rationale was included so the members would be able to clearly understand the reasoning behind each decision.
The Education Subcommittee met via teleconference re: promotiion of PSAC’s education events.  The action items stemming from this meeting were provided to the education committee.
Atlantic Council had 2 teleconferences since our last in person meeting.  We discussed upcoming Convention.
I participated in the Atlantic Regional Town Hall conference call.  There were some glitches we need to work through but this new medium to reach our members directly and engage with them is a great idea.  I am hopeful we are able to utilize this more in the future.
I actively read the PSAC media scans that are sent out and share them on social media and/or add comments to the comment section where there seems to be misinformation about our members in relation to government decisions and attacks on the Public Service.
This will be one of my last reports as an Atlantic Council Director.  Family situations have changed greatly over the past 3 years and I am no longer as active as I would like to be.  It is time for someone else to step into this leadership role that has the time to commit to our membership and political action. Over the past 6 years I have seen all of the hard work our Atlantic Council has done.  Taking on those challenging roles within our own organization makes us stop, think, and consider all aspects and views from our membership.  It has been an honour serving our membership as a Director.
Respectfully Submitted,
Lori Walton