Report of the Director for Young Workers, Andre Beaulieu, November 2012 – January 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

Here is the report of my activities in the last few months:

November 20th
Appointed by Sister Robyn Benson PSAC National President to the CLC Young Workers Advisory Committee.

November 27th
Telephone meeting with Sister Lise Thibodeau to discuss the Education Committee meeting follow up and planning of the January meeting.

November 29th to December 2nd
PSAC Leadership Summit in Ottawa, Ontario.  

December 2nd
PSAC National Young Workers Discussion group in Ottawa, Ontario.

December 7th
Telephone meetings with Sister Danielle Dubuc the Quebec Region Education Committee Co-Chair.

January 4th
Telephone meeting with Sister Cathy Murphy to discuss the upcoming Education meeting.

January 9th to the 11th
CLC Young Workers Advisory Committee Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario.
    •    Discussion on past campaign;
    •    Discussion on future campaign;
    •    Brainstorming activity on generating interesting campaign and getting people to rally to the cause;
    •    C-377 and meeting with Political Action Director;
    •    Parliamentary Tour;
    •    Updates on the Childcare campaign;
    •    Upcoming Political Action Conference in Toronto March 22nd to the 24th;
    •    Upcoming CLC Young Workers Forum/Session March 22nd;
    •    Next meeting March 21st.

January 11th
Working Lunch with Brother Gabriel Bourdon Co-Chair of the NCR Young Workers Group.

In Solidarity,

Andre Beaulieu
Director for Young Workers
Atlantic Regional Council