Report of the Director for Racially Visible Members, Dana Bailey, February 2012 – September 2012

During these stressful times, it has been very busy between TC Bargaining and supporting PSAC members and other Federal Government employees. I continue to attend many activities and functions within my community and the Metro area that are relevant to Racially Visible peoples.

In the early spring I attended Budget Watch with fellow PSAC Activists, Directors, Labour Affiliates and community allies.

I am on the TC Group Bargaining Team, in spring / early summer we were meeting fairly regularly and having teleconferences.  Throughout the summer months we have stayed in contact as a team via email, discussing the PICprocess.

In April I began visiting different work sites updating TC members on where we are in negotiations.  Answering any questions they may have & resolving some of their concerns and building support for our team and our union.

I was elected chair of the PSAC Halifax Human Rights Committee meeting.

Between bargaining and supporting colleagues and members with their questions and concerns, working with the Halifax Human Rights Committee, this has taken up the bulk of my time since our last Atlantic Council Meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dana Bailey, PSAC Atlantic Racial Visible Director