Report of the Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer, Brian Oldford, October 2013 – January 2014

Since October 2013, in my role as Director for the Maritimes I have attended several events and taken on different roles within PSAC as identified below.
    •    Attended PSAC Atlantic Regional Council Meeting Oct 17 to 20th  
    •    Chaired the Atlantic Health and Safety Committee Meeting at Council and assisted in making arrangements for the Atlantic Health and Safety Conference  
    •    Atlantic Council Teleconference, Nov 7th concerning Bill C4 and Bill 377
    •    Chaired the PSAC Health and Safety Conference Nov 1 to 3
    •    Attend Halifax Area Council meeting Nov 4th  
    •    Attend UTE UMC with regards to Tech. Change Nov 12th   
    •    Participated in a National ad-hoc Committee regarding structure of UTE
    •    Met with Robert Chisholm, MP on Dec 14th and discussed Bill C 4  
    •    Attended dedication ceremony for Dr J. Cal Best  Dec 10th at the PSAC boardroom  
    •    Conference Call for UTE locals on the WAAA campaign  
    •    Organized several Plantgates with UTE around Collective Bargaining
    •    Organized and attended a union social event (Holiday Coffee) in the workplace, December   
    •    Planned a MP visit with Conservative MP –Gerald Keddy that was later canceled to due to bad weather. (Follow up date to be announced)  
    •    Participated in a Atlantic Council Teleconference on Jan 8th with regards to the upcoming cPSAC Atlantic Convention  
    •    Attended AGM on Jan 20th for NS Area Council
    •    Attended UTE presidents meetings on Jan 2 to 5th
Also, outside of these events I hold the position as President of UTE local 80003, Chair of PSAC Health and Safety committee, President Rep for National Tech Change Committee,  Sit on several committees with the employer; also a member of NS Federation of Labour Health and Safety Committee.
I am accountable for all the events I have attended on your behalf.
Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Oldford