Report of the Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer, Brian Oldford, July 2010 – January 2012

I would like to open by thanking those that had supported me at our PSAC Triennial Convention in June 2011 for the positions of Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer and Alternate REVP.

Since our last convention I have been attending meetings and rallies on behalf of the PSAC members in this region in my capacity as Atlantic Council Director and as the Alternate REVP.

During the past summer months I attended the Pride Parade and Natal Day Parade.

Also this past summer PSAC held BBQ’s in many of the workplaces within HRM and Sydney. During these events I had the opportunity to meet members and discuss many issues they are being faced with today in the workplaces.

In September I was able to attend and be part of the PSAC group that celebrated the Labour Day events.

As Vice President of Area Council I have attended meetings where we discussed and actioned such items as cuts to public services and the recent CFIB campaign.

Later in the fall I visited the Occupy NS community. On November 12th I attended a rally in support of the movement.

On October 23rd I attended the NS Federation Annual General Meeting held in DartmouthNSand enjoyed some great speeches from great union activists. 

November 23rd – Nov 27th I attended a TeamBuildingexercise with the PSAC Atlantic Regional Council followed by our first Council Meeting.

I have had a meeting with Robert Chisholm (MP) with regards to job cuts within the Public Service asked that he speak about this in the House.

Also, as my role as President of my Union Taxation Employees Local,

I have taken on additional training within my component.

Most recently on behalf of your REVP, I attended the Sydney Human Rights Committee AGMto give the oath of office to the newly elected executive and also provided an update of Regional activities.

Brothers and Sisters we are in for the fight of your life. The Harper government is dismantling the Public Service. Please take time to attend rallies and write your MP. Talk to your neighbour, local business owner if public services are elimated

We have to be united and work together!!

In Solidarity,

Brian Oldford