Report of the Director for Members with Disabilities, Anne Fagan-Wood, October 2013 – January 2014

Since my last report in September 2013, below are the activities and/or events that I was involved with:

Ø    Participated in teleconference call with the National Human Rights Committee’s Members to finalize preparations / decisions for the Equity Conference in November 2013.

Ø    Delegate at the first ever National Equity Conference in Nov 2013 and it was an unbelievable experience. I was also part of the Steering Committee and the Resolutions Committee for Members with Disabilities. Many workshops were held all week long and we were able to attend other caucuses or election if you self-identified with those groups as well. For the Access Election, the female delegate elected is Lesley Brown and the male delegate is Dave Burchell. They are automatically Delegates to our next PSAC National Triennial Convention in 2015. The two alternates are: Wendy Bruce and Daniel Toutant.

Ø    Participated in 2 teleconference calls with the Atlantic Council to discuss Bill C4 & our Regional Triennial Convention coming up in June 2014.

Ø    We had a National Human Rights Committee meeting scheduled for December 2013; however, it was postponed till the end of March 2014.

Ø    I’ve also done some community work for the Anti-Shale Gas platform. For instance, I’ve created a paper petition that has been circulating. A friend of mine is circulating them in different stores and gas stations etc.


Ø    South Western Energy has left the area till spring but the fight is not over and we would like to have at least 30 000 names from the petitions before the spring Opening of the Legislature. So now that I have put this out there, you may get an email from me asking you to fill just 1 sheet, that’s only about 25 names and that can be done with family alone and then send back to me. Looking for everyone’s help, contact me anytime at

I am very proud that PSAC supports the Anti-shale gas as this is something I am pationate about.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Fagan-Wood

Director for members with Disabilities