Report of the Director for GLBT Members, Sandy Cake, October 2012 – January 2013

We have received some good news.  The University of Victoria in British Columbia has decided to keep a collection of documents regarding activism for transsexuals, which includes research material on that issue.  These documents will be accessible to the public, students and professors for teaching and research purposes.  If you have any documentation to submit, they would be pleased to add it to their collection.

I had an opportunity to take part in the Leadership Conference in Ottawa from November 30 to December 2 inclusive, at which time we gave an information demo for several government offices in Ottawa to educate the members.  Then, from December 3 to 5, I attended the first meeting of the National Human Rights Committee.  Representatives from the various regions were present.  We learned that we would be the organizing committee for the next Pride Conference to take place in Toronto in November 2013.  We discussed the agenda and the workshops we would like to see given along with the social evening.  From all indications, it will be an excellent conference.

The Greater Moncton Human Rights Committee organized a community presentation entitled “Breaking the Silence” with Sister Marla Leblanc and Brother Farid Tourkmani.  In spite of the inclement weather, about 15 or so people showed up.  We managed to raise $214.75 in donations and $298.23 in product sales for the Tatamagouche Centre in order to help the Centre continue doing its fine work for the people of Guatemala.

I sent a letter to the new GSU local 60011 in Miramichi and introduced myself to the President to promote my role in Atlantic Canada and explain how PSAC believes in and defends human rights and equity.

In Solidarity and with Pride,

Sandy Cake