Report of the Director for Aboriginal Members Charlene Vidito-Milne February 2013

Although attacks against Indigenous Peoples is nothing new and our plights ignored;  for me these past few months have been an incredible heart breaking learning experience.

I had a meeting in Ottawawith our male NAPC representative, Joey Dunphy where we discussed the exciting formation of the Regional Aboriginal Peoples Circle-Miramichi.  Hopefully this will be just the beginning!  I am on the planning committee and should have more to report next time the Regional Council meets.  During this meeting we discussed the struggles and issues that have been faced in considering my role as Director.  It was a great discussion and one in which I hope strengthened our relationship.

I am also on the planning committee for the next PSAC Aboriginal Conference and find it very exciting to be working with my Brothers and Sisters from across the country, learning from them and hearing the issues that they face in their communities and workplaces.

During the National Human Rights meetings held in late fall 2012, we had a plenary where three guest speakers delivered a very powerful address to us in regards to the issues our people face.  From the floor a sister stood and very emotionally told the story of an Aboriginal girl that went missing and was murdered.  This renewed the urgency to have action taken and to fight back for our sisters.

The Idle no More movement was initiated in November 2012 inresponse to the Harper government’s introduction of Bill C-45.  As we know, C-45 is a large omnibus bill. The federal government’s omnibus bill proposes changes to the Navigable Protection Act as well as the Indian Act, raising fears it will breach aboriginal treaty rights. 

I have had the opportunity to network and meet new members, share stories and continue to build and strengthen our Aboriginal Members network as well as Allies.  I look forward to continuing to work with our NAPC Reps Barb and Joey as well as with our staff advisor Alex as we get ready for the opening ceremonies in February – March in Miramichi.

On September 15th I attended “We Are All Affected Rally” in Summerside

Respectfully submitted,

Charlene Vidito-Milne
Atlantic Director for Aboriginal Members