RECAP: National Day of Action – March 19, 2015


New Brunswick

MARCH 18 – Bathurst: Every member of UTE 60006 wore their union t-shirt and distributed bargaining information.

MARCH 18 – Saint John: Members of UTE 60005 wore clothes with the colors of UTE and stood up at their workstation at 12:05. 

MARCH 19 – Moncton: Multi Union PSAC Locals including PIPSC (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada), the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) at 1045 Main Street – Morning greeting with coffee and muffin // Meet members // Provide information on Solidarity Walk at 12:05 PM corner of Highfield and Main.

MARCH 19 – Moncton: Members of UCTE 60602, PIPSC (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada), CFPA (Canadian Federal Pilots Association) and ACFO (Association of Canadian Financial Officers) at Heritage Place – Pizza lunch from 12:00 to 12:30.

MARCH 19 – Saint John: Members of UVAE 60006 wore solidarity stickers.

MARCH 19 – Dorchester: Members of USGE 60128 and 60020, PIPSC and UCCO (Union of Canadian Correctional Officers) members – Information rally at 12:00 – 4955 Main Street, Dorchester (Dorchester Veterans Community Centre – AKA Old St Eds Hall)

MARCH 19 – Gagetown: Members of UNDE 60303 organized a demo at the Main gate at noon.

MARCH 19 – St. Andrews: Members of UEW 60067 ”Just for the health of it” gave away apple and orange slices to members along with information on healthy workplaces.

MARCH 19 – Miramichi: Members of CEIU 60256 organized a celebration and shared cake with their members.  They extended the invitation to the management team and two of them joined.

MARCH 19 – Renous: Members of USGE 60019 and UCCO organized an early morning information picket .

MARCH 19 – Members of PSAC-SBEU 60702 (School Business Employees Union) held a rally during the lunch hour.

Newfoundland and Labrador

MARCH 19 – St. John’s: Members of CEIU 90113 at Mews Place – Demo of 19 minutes beginning at 12 p.m.

MARCH 19 – St. John’s: Members of UVAE 90002, UNE 90350, UNE 99242, GSU 90011 and UCTE 90915 at the John Cabot Building provided information to members and signing support for the bargaining teams and guest speakers  12:00 – 12:19 at the main entrance.

MARCH 19 – St. John’s: Members of USGE 90001 got together for coffee and timbits at 10 a.m.

MARCH 19 – St. John’s: Members of AGR 90001 marched for 19 minutes.

MARCH 19 – Gander: Gander Area Council to organized a walk inviting all unions to take part.  Time 12:10 PM – 12:29 PM at intersection of James Blvd. and Garrett Dr.

MARCH 19 – Gander: Members of CEIU 90109 wore their Union t-shirt.

MARCH 19 – Goose Bay: Membres of CEIU 90107 organized a demo.

MARCH 20 – St. John’s: Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Center – UEW locals 90001 and 90002 continued to do their 19 minute walk at lunchtime wearing their sick leave t-shirts.

Prince Edward Island

MARCH 18 – Summerside: Members of UTE 90006 already called their members to update their contact information and inform them of the activity taking place on the 18th (UTE only).  They wore their Union t-shirt and a brief presentation at noon (for the day shift) and 6 p.m. (for the evening shift) in front of the building.

MARCH 18 – Charlottetown: Members of UTE 90002 organized a plantgate on the morning of the 18th (UTE only) and handed out a mug that reads Bargaining’s brewing, no beans about it.  

MARCH 19 – Summerside: Members of CEIU 90152 had picket signs at the entrance of the workplace.

MARCH 19 – Charlottetown: Members of CEIU 90153 and CEIU 90154 (Montague) had picket signs at the entrance of the workplace.

Nova Scotia

MARCH 18 – Halifax: Members of UTE 80003 organized a rally at noon on March 18 (UTE only) at the Ralston building and wore their Union t-shirts. 

MARCH 18 – Sydney: Members of UTE 80004 wore their Union t-shirts and took a group photo in support of the bargaining team on March 18 (UTE only) at noon at 47 Dorchester Street.

MARCH 19 – Dartmouth: Members of UVAE 80041 wore Togas and celebrated ”The Ides of March”.  In addition to cups of grape juice from wine decanters they passed out easter eggs as they did a walkabout during the morning at 40 Aldnerney Drive.

MARCH 19 – Dartmouth: Members of CEIU 80227 walked around the block at lunchtime at 48 Mellor Ave.

MARCH 19 – Kentville: Members of AGR 80003 and PIPSC went outside for 19 minutes and held letters on signs that spelled out ”Time for change – Oct. 19”.

MARCH 19 – Berwick: Members of AGR 80003 sent emails to MP Gregg Kerr.

MARCH 19 – Halifax: Members of UNDE 80406, UNDE 80409, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council and PIPSC held a 19 minutes demo at lunch time in the parking besides the parking spaces they now pay for.

MARCH 19 – Greedwood: Members of UNDE 80403 had hot dogs with the entire local around a snowbank with the number 19 prominently in the background.

MARCH 19 – Truro: Members of USGE 80110 wore #19 stickers in the workplace as sign of solidarity.

VIDEO 1 of USGE 60128-60020

VIDEO 2 of USGE 60128-60020