Rally at the Federal Pensions Centre in Shediac

On August 17, approximately 200 PSAC members protested against the loss of 150 jobs of their Brothers and Sisters at the Federal Pensions Centre in Shediac.

Members are right in being upset with the cuts from the Harper government. Every day more cuts are being announced every where in Canada. The small community of Shediac needs federal jobs to keep their economy rolling.

For the occasion, members from Shediac were joined by PSAC members from Miramichi, Bouctouche, Saint-John and Moncton.

Furthermore, the following guests were also present: Beauséjour MP, Dominic LeBlanc, the NBFL, CLCand the NB Federation of union retirees, the Mayor of Shediac, the deputy mayor as well as a town councillor.

PSAC spokesperson, Larry Rousseau, was very clear in the message he delivered to the crowd:     « We have to stop the Harper government even if it is a majority government; such cuts are not acceptable in your city nor anywhere in Canada. »