PSAC, Treasury Board set to exchange bargaining proposals

Negotiations for new contracts for PSAC’s five bargaining units in the federal public service will begin the week of July 7, 2014 when PSAC and Treasury Board exchange proposals.

Bargaining teams for all five units – PA, TC, SV, FB and EB – have been hard at work developing their packages of demands since being elected at their respective bargaining conferences earlier this year.

“We are going into this round of bargaining to make the public service better for employees and all Canadians who depend on quality public services,” said Robyn Benson, President of PSAC. “Our bargaining teams, and our union, are up to the challenge.”

The Harper government has been vocal about its plans to attack on sick leave provisions in all of its collective agreements in the federal public service.

“We are saying, clearly and unequivocally, we will not accept changes to our sick leave provisions because employees need to be protected when they fall ill,” said Benson. “We go to the bargaining table every three years to improve wages and working conditions for our members, and to make the public service a healthier place to work.”

The demands being put forward by PSAC will include competitive pay and allowances, and an overhaul of the Workforce Adjustment and layoff language.

“These negotiations are about strengthening the public service for the future and providing good opportunities and conditions for the next generation of Canadians,” added Benson. “We will consider any Treasury Board proposal that improves workplace conditions for our members, and public services for Canadians.”

PSAC and Treasury Board proposals will be available on the PSAC website after they have been exchanged with the employer.