PSAC to take CBSA before Labour Board and Human Rights Commission over Arming Communications

Union also filing suit in Federal Court over right to strike.

Over the last several weeks CBSA has been attempting to undermine the legal rights of CIU/PSAC members in the FB bargaining unit.

It is our position that CBSA’s communications concerning the arming of officers misinformed employees of their rights under both our contract and federal law. We also believe that CBSA’s recent arming communications represented an attempt to intimidate, coerce and harass employees.

We will uphold our rights.

As a result, in addition to the filing of a policy grievance, PSAC will be filing both an Unfair Labour Practice complaint with the Public Service Labour Relations Board, as well as a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission over CBSA’s recent communications concerning the arming initiative.    

Defending the right to strike

Both CBSA and Treasury Board have recently expanded the list of designated positions (ESAs) in an effort to remove our right to strike. PSAC has already filed a constitutional challenge in response to the government’s passing of Bill C-4 last December. Our union also recently filed suit with Federal Court and submitted a complaint with the PSLRB over Treasury Board’s stacking of the designations list and the government’s disregard for previous Labour Board decisions concerning FB designations.

We will update as things progress. Please see your union representative or Branch President with any questions.