PSAC-PTSU sign collective agreement

Photo: Front row left to right: Erin Fyfe, Raphaëlle Valay-Nadeau, Melissa Hannah, Dawn Dignam, Jennifer Sutton, Tanya Pitt. Back row left to right: Dax MacLean, Bruce Miller, Petra Hauf (On screen), Paul Mazerolle, Chris Miller and Jake Calder.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 60551, Professional and Technical Staff Union (PTSU), and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) signed a collective agreement on Oct. 16. PTSU represents 393 employees of various capacities, including professional and technical staff positions.

“We are happy that we could work with UNB to reach this deal,” said Bruce Miller, PTSU Local president and bargaining team member.

Collective bargaining began in August 2022 after the previous agreement expired on June 30, 2022. UNB and PSAC-PTSU reached a tentative agreement on June 8, 2023.

“I am immensely grateful that UNB and PSAC-PTSU have successfully reached a mutually beneficial collective agreement,” said Jake Calder, lead negotiator on behalf of UNB. “This serves as a testament to our ability to unite and work towards a harmonious and prosperous future for all involved parties.”

Both PSAC-PTSU and UNB said they were pleased with the four-year agreement.