PSAC Nova Scotia Area Council 1 is Thirsty for Justice

On Saturday June 25th, members of NS Area Council 1 set up a table at the Alderney Farmers Market in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

We had one mission, to raise awareness about the Thirsty for Justice Campaign and ask the public to sign letters to the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs asking her to take action on solving the Aboriginal Water Crisis in Canada.

The market was already busy at 8 a.m., we were off to a good start.  Some of us stayed with our table to speak to anyone who may stop to check out our display and others went mobile with a clipboard with letters to the Minister and the Water Skins that were purchased to give away.

There were plenty of difficult conversation, that were had by the PSAC Area Council contingent that were there and the general public.  There were a few conversations I overheard where the public was asking about their own community being under boil water orders (for a short period of time) and if this was the same.  Brother Di Liberatore would patiently explain the difference between what the person was experiencing and what aboriginal communities are experiencing.

Over all the experience was a success, many people were already aware of the water crisis, the majority of the ones who were not aware were shocked and appalled that this was happening in Canada.

Over 250 request for action letters to the Minister were signed, we will continue to raise awareness and demand action.

Submitted by Lori Walton