PSAC members help Community project in Moncton

The Humanity Project Moncton, a non-for profit organization who, among other things feeds kids and homeless people, recently lost their headquarter.  They are now temporarily bringing food directly on the street to feed people.  They were very happy to receive some financial help from the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee.  Read the full Story…

At the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) convention held in Moncton May 28-31st, 2017, a CEIU-PSAC member from Bathurst, Marie-Ange Losier took it upon herself to sell scratch tickets to the delegates and to give all profits to a Moncton organization in need.  She contacted the Greater Moncton Human Rights for suggestions.

Further, the NBFL president had requested members to close their cell phones during convention and if someone’s phone was ringing they were being fined $5.00 each time, the money raised with this was added to the money raised for this organization.

Finally, the Moncton District Labour Council contributed in adding to the total amount.

Special thank you to Marie-Ange, the NBFL executive and the Moncton District Labour Council, for giving the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee the opportunity to present to Humanity project Moncton a total donation of $745.00.

From Left:  Charlie Burrell, Humanity Project and Farid Tourkmani, chair of the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee