PSAC-Atlantic Regional School

This is to advise you that PSAC Atlantic will be organizing our own PSAC-Atlantic Regional School this Fall. Initially, we had planned to combine our school with the CLC Workers Summit, however, in order to achieve the best results for our members in this Region, we decided to proceed with our own school.

That being said, if members wish to take part in the CLC Workers Summit, you are more than welcome to attend, however, expenses will have to be covered by the locals or Components.  PSAC Atlantic does not have additional financial resources to support any participants for the CLC Workers Summit.

Our school is your school so If you have any suggestions to submit in regards to our school, please send them along.  As soon as the date and location has been determined, we will send you the information for you to mark your calendar.

I’m also happy to report that Sister Lesley Thompson will be returning to the Atlantic Region as our Regional Education Officer.

Colleen Coffey
Regional Executive Vice-President