PSAC Atlantic Region officially supports the campaign against the sale of NB Power

Over the last few weeks, several locals asked us about the PSAC’s position concerning the sale of NB Power.  

PSAC Atlantic Region officially supports the campaign against the sale of NB Power, as it is perfectly in line with our Think Public campaign. The New Brunswick Federation of Labour has adopted the same position.

The population of N.B. is mobilized, and several groups have already been formed and have expressed their opposition to the plan to sell NB Power. Because those groups are not necessarily union based, it is difficult, even impossible, to communicate all the information about the campaign. There are already several groups on Facebook, Youtube and other similar sites. For now, the majority of the actions are organized by a coalition of New Brunswick citizens (lobbying of MLAs, using on line petition, etc.). The coalition has created a Website ( which is mainly in English but which also contains a few articles in French.  

The coalition wants its Website to be a central point gathering all the information of the various groups. You can visit that Website to find out about various activities in your regions.

Whenever we find out about relevant activities in one of your regions, we will inform you. If you or your members wish to keep abreast of the campaign, you can certainly join one of the groups already formed.  Finally, if the need arises, we may ask for your participation in some specific activities.

In solidarity,

Jeannie Baldwin PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President – Atlantic