PSAC Atlantic fights along side veterans

On October 3rd, 2013 residents of Sydney attended a town hall meeting at Branch 12 of the Royal Canadian Legion that was organized by the Public Service Alliance of Canada.  The Federal Government plans to close the Sydney, NS, Veterans Affairs office which will have a widespread negative effect on over 4200 veterans who rely on their services. 

In many cases they will have to turn to long drives to Halifax, a toll free number, or an “app” in order to find assistance.  At the town hall meeting, Vietnam veteran Sgt. Ronald Clarke (retired) said he found out about the planned closure last year on Remembrance Day.  Another veteran who was present appealed to the crowd to remember that veterans fought for them, asked Canadian to fight for the veterans – so that the veterans could fight for them again.  As we approach Remembrance Day PSAC continues to support Veterans and calls on the Federal government to abandon their planned shut down of their targeted 9 Veterans Affairs offices across Canada including the Sydney, NS office.