PSAC at Halifax Pride Parade 2016

#This is Why – PSAC at Halifax Pride
By Lori Walton, Acting Regional Representative, PSAC     

It didn’t rain on our parade again this year!  This year’s theme for Halifax Pride was “This is why” …  My reasons for marching in Pride each year are many, but this year’s theme reminded me of the political roots of Pride.

The signs we had on display were “Because of Pulse and La Madame #This is Why”; “Because Trans Rights are still needed #This is Why”.  But I was interested in finding out why Pride was important to the other activists who walked with the PSAC contingent.

#This is Why it matters to us:

“We all have the right to take PRIDE in who we are without discrimination and HATE.  Pride is accepting ourselves as we are born and living life to its fullest.” – Wayne Kelley, PSAC-Atlantic Director for GLBT members.

 “It is important I march in Pride because as a visible minority I understand what it feels like to be persecuted for simply being the person that I am.  Everyone has the right to be who they are and I feel that because I have a voice, I must use it to ensure that those rights are upheld and respected.  “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice, everywhere” (MLK).” – CJ Gannon, National President, UVAE

 “Pride matters to me because people from my community (LGBTQ) are still being murdered for being who they love or who they are.  Because there are still 77 countries where being gay is illegal.  Because there is so much hate and intolerance still being spewed about Trans people, that I feel I must continue to stand up, speak up and draw attention to the gains that still need to be made.” – Lori Walton, National Vice President, GSU

“I feel it is important for me to march in the pride Parade to show my support as an ally of the LGBTQ community. My sisters, brothers and those who otherwise identify ‎still face so many challenges today, from the right to marry who they love to being able to use the bathroom that reflects the gender with which they identify.  It is more important now than it ever has to stand in Solidarity with the LGBTQ Community and press for the progressive changes needed to protect their rights and protect the progress that has already occurred.” – Chris Di Liberatore, PSAC Atlantic Council Director (NS)

The Halifax Pride parade is the 4th largest pride in Canada.   I hope that our numbers keep growing and that we keep being loud and proud, showing solidarity and pride for everyone’s Human Rights.