Pension Information Session – Summerside

Approximately 40 members attended the Pension information session in Summerside. Jeannie Baldwin, REVP – Atlantic, gave a very spirited and informative talk on events leading up to our concerns over protecting Federal Public Sector pensions.  

Jeannie provided many facts on defined benefits vs. defined contribution, what right wing reports are saying and actions this government has already taken that should have us very concerned such as:
  • Bill C10 that broke the  PSAC/CRA collective agreement
  • cuts to status of women
  • the attack on pay equity that fines PSAC 50,000 if we assist a member with a pay equity complaint, and
  • recent news that workers jobs will be cut in the Human Rights office in Halifax.

Jeannie’s presentation was followed by good questions and a commitment to continue this fight after the budget is introduced.