NB – PSAC members helping out the Greater Moncton homeless people

The Greater Moncton PSAC Area Council with the collaboration of the PSAC members and friends from the NBCC Moncton and the TD call centre generously responded to a need from the newly renovated homeless shelter, the House of Nazareth.
The shelter which could help approximately 50 people before their recent renovations can now accommodate 120 people.  To be able to do so, the shelter needed articles of bedding. In additions to many bedding articles, the members added socks, mittens and tuques to help the homeless people stay warm.

Once again, the PSAC members made a difference in their community.

Charline Gautreau and Isabelle Forest from the PSAC Greater Moncton Area Council presenting the articles to the House of Nazareth responsibles and Della Brophy (PSAC/GSU member who was the one reaching out to NBCC and TB bank)