Letter to the editor: Let the chips expire on the shelves

Let the chips expire on the shelves
Like many people, I’m appalled by the lack of respect demonstrated by Mr. Ryan Albright towards his employees.  By saying that he would offer his employees what they are looking for, but never in a union environment, Mr. Albright is acting like a bully and bargaining in bad faith.  Bullying is unacceptable, whatever form it takes and regardless in which situation it is present.
Let’s keep in mind that these workers are demanding a fair wage for their work.  This is a problem we are facing in our current economy: CEO’s and executives keep cashing in on profits and giving themselves wage increases while the workers who work the production line sees no improvement whatsoever.  Greed by the wealthy seems acceptable whereas fairness for workers is seen as a burden.
We can and must reverse the tide.  Company owners need to share the success and demonstrate respect to their most important asset: their employees.  Let’s take a stand against bullying and greed and support the workers at Covered Bridge Potato Chips: let the chips expire on the shelves.
Jeannie Baldwin
Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-Atlantic