Letter of Introduction from Terry Sacrey, Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer – NL

Hello to all PSAC members in the Atlantic Region,

When I attended the PSAC Atlantic Regional Convention in June of this year, I had not had any intentions of running for any position. I was in attendance as an observer, and I was planning on observing and learning.

I also planned to help where I could. Helping is what I like to do, whether it’s through supporting my fellow union brothers and sisters in their pursuits, or educating members at the local level about the importance of union engagement.

I decided to run for a position as a result of being encouraged to do so by two of my most respected union colleagues. I was hesitant, but in the end I felt that this might be a good opportunity to get involved with the PSAC at a regional level. Admittedly at the time I did not have any idea what the responsibilities of a council director were, but I am committed to learn.

When I attended the Atlantic Regional Council Meeting in November of 2017, I was truly inspired by the level of talent and commitment I saw in my fellow council directors. The weekend was an awesome opportunity to get to know them and to dip my toe in the regional waters to see what I was wading into. I have to say that it was warm and very welcoming.

I left the council meeting feeling energized and hopeful for the next three years on Atlantic Regional Council. I have a better idea now of what my duties will be, and I am looking forward to fulfilling my commitment to PSAC members in the Atlantic region.

My work background is with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Agriculture Union). I worked at the St. John’s laboratory for six years before its doors were shuttered in 2012. It was at the laboratory where I got my first taste of what the union could accomplish if we all stand together. Since moving to Corner Brook to be an inspector, I have become the communications officer for the St. John’s Young Workers Committee, a shop steward and Vice President of my own local, and now, Director for Non-TB / Separate Employer in Newfoundland.

I do not know where my activism will take me, but that is not my primary concern. My main focus will be to serve PSAC members in the best way I can – so I encourage you all to reach out, tell me your issues, let me amplify your voice, let me help you.

In Solidarity,

Terry Sacrey