L’eau est plus précieuse que l’or

On March 27th, the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee was among the proud sponsors of the Continent-wide Water is More Precious than Gold tour to raise awareness of the negative impact of Canadian mining operations on El Salvador.

Approximately 30 people were present at the Peace Centre in Moncton where the event took place.

Further to provide the audience with very important information, Sandra Carolina Ascencio, the special guest for the evening, a representative of the El Salvadoran National Roundtable against Metallic Mining (The MESA) who is a community advocate, educator and environmentalist was able to answered very eloquently to all the questions and shared her personal experience fighting the mining industry.

The Moncton group was able to raise over $200 in funds to go towards the cost of Sandra’s tour.

Thank you to Marla LeBlanc and Farid Tourkmani for taking on this project on behalf of the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee.