Federal public sector workers bring their demand for fair contracts to the streets

St. John’s, NL – Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will hold an early morning action to garner support from union members and the public as collective bargaining with Treasury Board resumes this week in Ottawa.   These members are among some 90,000 federal public sector workers who are outraged by the federal government’s lack of movement in contract negotiations.  Members will line the streets at the intersection of the Boulevard and Legion Road in Pleasantville on the morning of May 1, 2019, demanding that Treasury Board conclude fair contracts now. 

“In 2015, Justin Trudeau sent a letter to Canada’s public servants promising a new era of respect.  But four years later, PSAC members are still waiting for him to deliver on his commitment,” says PSAC Regional Executive-Vice President Colleen Coffey.

PSAC has presented bargaining proposals at the four Treasury Board tables that would significantly improve working conditions in the federal public service and the quality of the services provided to Canadians.  The union is asking for improvements to work-life balance, a reduction of precarious contract work, an end to wage gaps with the private sector, and fair economic increases.  But across the board, the union has faced a government unwilling to negotiate.

Coffey continues, “In the face of outrageous hardships caused by the broken Phoenix Pay System, PSAC members have demonstrated unwavering tenacity and professionalism as they wait for a fix. What’s happening at the bargaining table only adds nsult to injury and frankly our members have had enough.”

The April 30-May 2 session covers four bargaining units under Treasury Board: Program & Administrative Services (PA)Technical Services (TC)Operations Services (SV), and Education & Library Science (EB)

Media are invited:

What:             PSAC Members Take Action for Fair Contracts

Where:           The lakeside intersection of the Boulevard and Legion Rd., Pleasantville

When:            7:30am, Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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For further information contact:
Mark Power, Regional Representative, PSAC, (onsite contact), 709-728-6638
Lesley Thompson, Regional Political Communications Officer, PSAC, 902.266.8589, thompsonl@psac-afpc.com