FB bargaining starts in July: Coming round is next step in fight for fairness at CBSA

In late April we received notice to bargain from Treasury Board to commence negotiations for a new FB collective agreement.  Our new bargaining team also met in April to discuss priorities for the coming round. 

Some of those priorities include:

  • Pushing for a commitment from Treasury Board to provide an early retirement regime comparable to other law enforcement agencies.
  • New protections in the context of discipline.
  • New protections with respect to arming, recertification and CDT.
  • Compensation that reflects the broader law enforcement community.
  • New rights for shift workers.
  • Access to Telework arrangements.
  • Defending our sick leave provisions

The parties are now confirmed to start the process the week of July 7th. As has always been our practice, we will post and make available to the membership our proposals and those of the employer once we’ve met.