Education Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference PSAC-Atlantic Council Education Committee

Our Goals

  1. To promote regionalization as a means to strengthen the role of members in the union’s decision making, and to create opportunities for membership involvement and participation in the union;
  2. A regional education team of elected representatives and staff who see membership education as critical to the strength and development of the union;
  3. A regional education plan that reflects the needs of the members and brings union education to members in their worksites and communities to create an informed and active membership;
  4. Regional and local leadership that actively organizes, promotes and recruits for union training.

Role of the PSAC-Atlantic Council Education Committee

  1. plays an active role in the development of the Regional Education Plan;
  2. promotes the involvement of other groups in the development of the Regional Education Plan (e.g., locals, AFs, regional bodies);
  3. prepares recommendations for the PSAC-Atlantic Council;
  4. develops strategies for organizing and promoting union education at the workplace;
  5. develops strategies for drafting and organizing support for bargaining demands for workplace education and Paid Education Leave;
  6. conducts needs assessments and analyses within and among locals and regional bodies to determine training needs;
  7. promotes an active Alliance Facilitator Network;
  8. promotes the establishment of Education Coordinator positions or committees within all locals and regional bodies;
  9. promotes union education within the PSAC – Atlantic Council;
  10. promotes partnerships on union education within the community.

Committee Membership

  1. The committee will be of “working group” size to facilitate effective and efficient communications and decision-making.
  2. The Alliance Facilitator Network (AFN) has an important role in the development and delivery of the PSAC Membership Education Program in the region and will continue to be represented on the committee.
  3. Each region of the Atlantic shall be represented on the committee. The representative from each region shall establish a direct link to the AFN in that region.
  4. The committee shall be coordinated by a member of the PSAC-Atlantic Council Executive.


A budget to support the work of the committee will be presented on an annual basis to the REVP-Atlantic and the PSAC-Atlantic Council for approval.


The committee will communicate by teleconferencing, e-mail and other available technology, including meeting by “piggybacking” other events.

Guiding Principles

Committee practices and processes will be consistent with the Policy Statement on the PSAC Membership Education Program.

Committee Work Plan

The Education Committee will establish work plans as required to respond to the educational needs of the region.