Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer Newfoundland & Labrador, Corina Harding, November 2011 – January 2012

I am very pleased to be able to present my Director’s report for the above period.  This has been a very busy period for all of us with the constant changes and preparing for the upcoming challenges our membership will be facing.  We have to maintain our strength and solidarity in order to push back.

I continue to sit on both the Councils’ Education and Political Action Committees.  We will be meeting in February to plan the next three years for Education and to ensure that we are organized for Political Action.

The Holiday Season gave us all a little time to spend with family and to recharge our batteries.  Below, I have outlined highlights of my activities during this period:

November 2011, I attended the PSAC Atlantic Council Meeting which included a TeamBuildingsession.  The TeamBuildingwas extremely valuable as we move forward with new and existing Council members.

November 2011, I participated in the Provincial Elections working on Gerry Rogers, NDP campaign.  This was very exciting and I am proud to report that Gerry defeated the long time PC candidate in her district.

December 2011, I attended the St. John’s Area Council Annual General Meeting and chaired their Elections Committee.  There was great participation from the membership in the Region.

There has been a lot of hard work and energy on the Political Action front and this has to continue for us to preserve our rights.  I have written to Jim Flaherty as well as my own MP to reconsider the cuts to federal services and jobs.  I suggest we continue to encourage our membership to send letters / emails as well.  We will all have to work tirelessly again to protect our pensions and I encourage everyone to stay engaged with the “Hands off our Pension” campaign.

In Solidarity,

Corina Harding