Day of Action: November 19, 2014

New Brunswick 
Gagetown: UNDE 60303 & UNDE 60380 organized a protest during theirlunch break.
Fredericton: Demo of 19 minutes during the lunch hour and official launch of advertising campaign with CEIU 60260, CUPE NB, CUPW, PIPSC andthe Fredericton and District Labour Council.
Moncton: USGE RVP’s Jeannette Manuel Allain and Carol Jennings organized a multi local gathering/plantgate in the morning for USGE locals 60019, 60128, 60142, 60146, 60052, CEIU 60262, CIU 60004, UNE 60100 and UNDE 60303. 
Prince Edward Island
Summerside: UTE 90006 organized a ‘wear your union shirt’ day.
Nova Scotia
Truro: USGE 80110 and USGE 80116 organized a demo during their lunch break in front of local conservative MP, Scott Armstrong’s office.
Dartmouth: UEW 80820 held a rally for 19 minutes and were joined by members of PIPSC.
Sydney: CEIU 80226 held a rally for 19 minutes and also made a video supporting their bargaining team.
St. John’s – Mew’s Place: CEIU 90113 & CEIU 90117 held a demo for 19 minutes during their lunch break.
St. John’s – John Cabot Building: UVAE 90002, UNE 99242, GSU 90011 and UCTE 90915 were joined by other PSAC locals, CUPW, CPAA, PIPSC,provincial NDP members and the CLC. The local radio station, VOCM, also reported on the event.
St. John’s: UEW 90001, UEW 90002, CAPE and PIPSC held their regular ‘Health Break’ for 19 minutes during their lunch break.