CRA/Government Declare Impasse

Employer submits application to Public Service Labour Relations Board for establishment of a Public Interest Commission.

Last week mediation broke down when it became clear that the government and CRA were not prepared to address critical issues that our bargaining team raised in this round of negotiations, while at the same time pushing for a contract expiration date that would allow for the employer to propose attacks on our sick leave in negotiations later this year.

Under the Public Service Labour Relations Act, either party may ask for the establishment of a Public Interest Commission (PIC) in the event that the parties reach impasse and are unable to reach an agreement. A PIC consists of a Chair named by the Labour Board and one representative from each side (union and employer). Once the Commission is created, its representatives set dates for a hearing in which both parties submit arguments and documentation in support of their respective positions. The PIC then issues a recommendation for settlement. The recommendation is non-binding. A PIC is not an arbitration board. 

Our position has been and continues to be that we would prefer to continue negotiations. However now that the government has taken this step we will follow the process prescribed by the law.

Our bargaining team and our union are determined to achieving a fair contract, one that protects our hard fought gains and provides new rights and protections for UTE/PSAC members at CRA.

Over the next several weeks we will be scheduling membership meetings across the country to discuss negotiations. We will be sure to update as things progress. Be sure to go to for updates and for more information on the matters outstanding.

PSAC/UTE members at Canada Revenue Agency United for a Fair Contract