Contract reached at Deer Lake Airport

DEERLAKE, NL – After just five days of negotiations, a tentative agreement was reached this morning between the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority Inc.  PSAC is the bargaining agent for the 15 members of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE) Local 90945 who provide operational and technical services, including runway clearing, firefighting, electrical and mechanical maintenance of equipment, as well as administrative services, at the airport.

“We have worked hard during the life of the previous contract at building and maintaining an excellent relationship with the union and our unionized employees,” said airport CEO Jamie Schwartz. “The results of this are evident today.  Both parties recommended this tentative agreement to their principals and the Board of Directors has now ratified this new contract.”

PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President Jeannie Baldwin agreed.  She said, “These negotiations were a model for a successful negotiations process.  Both parties came prepared to negotiate and respectfully participated in achieving a new contract.”

Since negotiations ended this morning, both parties have ratified the agreement and it is effective today.

UCTE Regional Vice-President Wayne Fagan extends his congratulations to both negotiating teams. 

“The parties remained focused on achieving this contract,” said Fagan.  “We are very pleased that this agreement recognizes the contributions by the members of the local and the management team to the success of this regional airport.”

Details of the agreement will soon be released.

Wayne Fagan, UCTE Regional Vice-President, 709-685-1543
Jamie Schwartz , CEO, Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority Inc., 709-632-4646