CIU/PSAC taking action in response to CBSA communication on arming

Policy grievances to be filed, legal counsel being consulted.

Yesterday CBSA put out a statement to union members concerning the arming initiative. The statement included information that is misleading and inaccurate. In response, the PSAC and CIU will be filing policy grievances as it is our position that CBSA’s communications violate our Collective Agreement.

In addition to the filing of policy grievances, we are consulting legal counsel to determine if additional legal action may be taken against CBSA for its recent communications.  

The union has received a number of questions concerning the “Confirmation of Conditions of Employment” letter that members are being asked by management to sign. Members should be advised that signing the letter acknowledges receipt only. Whether or not a member signs the letter, a signature on the letter has no impact whatsoever on the union’s ability to challenge the content of the letter.

Our union will be holding the CBSA to its legal obligations, both in terms of the protections provided under our collective agreement and in terms of rights afforded under federal law.