CIU/PSAC Members at CBSA Send Clear Message to the Employer

This past week (January 30-February 2nd), our bargaining team met with CBSA/Treasury Board in an effort to bring the parties closer to a new contract.

During the session, our team presented management with petitions containing just under 6,000 signatures from CBSA employees in support of our core demands in this round of bargaining: a commitment from CBSA and Treasury Board in support of a ’25 and out’ retirement plan for all FB members, fair processes for scheduling that respects our years of service, job security in the context of the arming initiative, protection and expansion of telework and similar Alternative Working Arrangements, adherence to the doubling up policy and wages that keep pace with the broader enforcement community. Our team explained to management that our members are determined to achieve a fair contract that addresses these concerns. The employer’s team committed to deliver the petitions to Treasury Board and senior CBSA administration.

Management has proposed a number of changes to our contract, including a reduction of notice of shift change from 7 days to 48 hours, to put language in the contract that would state that employees would only get 7.5 hours when “H”d on a Designated Paid Holiday. Management also insisted on language that would give managers the power to ask employees to provide “satisfactory verification”, “as determined by the Employer”, when employees ask for any kind of leave. Our team rejected these management proposals.

We are back at the bargaining table later this month. We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions, follow up with your Shop Steward or a member of our Bargaining Team.